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December 20, 2018

My kids (1 and 3) were both sick last week with fevers, sore throats, and coughs.

Watching them I was thinking about how they have no idea that any condition they are in will ever end. As adults, even if we are dealing with something like a cold or an injury, we have a sense that we'll get better at some point.

If that something is obesity or anything related to being overweight it's a whole different struggle.

Less than 1 out of 100 people who is overweight will return to and stay at a normal weight.

That means that those of you who are uncomfortable in or with your bodies are statistically going to feel that way forever.

We become a little bit immune to our suffering from time to time, but stop and think about how often being overweight impacts you.

Every single time you are supposed to eat, have to get dressed, take a trip to the beach, need to go to a wedding, need to wear shorts or short sleeves, or anything else that leaves you faced with your own body, some anxiety is produced.

I'm sure I left out more examples than I remembered, but the point is that there is no break from this.

That's messed up!

In addition to all of that discomfort and anxiety, obesity is one of the best indicators of poor health and of sickness.

If you let it in, there's a lot of fear, guilt, shame, and emotional struggle that comes with being in an overweight body.

None of us want to be overweight. The problem is that this is a hard problem to reverse. Even if you know what to do, the process is slow.

Not to mention all of the noise about quick fixes, new miracle drugs, and the latest superfood.

This is why my ideal client is someone who is actually ready for a change. I want people who have tried and failed. I want people who are going to commit. I want people who fully acknowledge what their poor health is costing them.

The mission for me is to get real, lasting results, not to give people a program that will lead to huge weight loss followed by correspondingly huger weight gain.

You deserve a pain free future.

You deserve to enjoy your grandkids.

You DON'T deserve a surge of anxiety every time you need to get dressed.

You are allowed to hope for those things and more.

Big pharma, the sugar industry, people who believe overweight folks are just lazy, and anyone else who doesn't really understand the struggle don't want you to be healthy and are fearful that the real solution lies in eating real food, not some laboratory experiment.

When you are fed up enough and ready for a real change, give me a call, and we can see if Sam's Whole Health is right for you.

You'll be asked to fill out a short survey, and then we can talk for 45 minutes or so to figure out if we should work together.

But let's start by getting clear on what this is costing you and if you are really ready.

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