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1 in 8

December 23, 2018

Did you see this jarring study?…/heart-disease/metabolic-health

Only 1 in 8 people are metabolically healthy in this country!

They based this on metabolic syndrome which is the presence of any three of the 5 categories below.

1. High Blood Sugar 
2. High Blood Pressure
3. Excessive Fat Around the Midsection
4. Low "Good Cholesterol" Levels
5. High Triglyceride Levels

The presence of 3 of those increases the chance for diabetes, stroke, or heart disease.

This is some jarring stuff. It's a topic for another post, but can you imagine the cost of health care to deal with this metabolic mess.

Lifestyle interventions can change all of this stuff in a relatively short amount of time. Diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management all matter a lot, and a few steps to take are

- cut down on unnecessary sugar intake immediately
- make sleep a higher priority 
- move somehow every day

This advice isn't mindblowing, but it is life-changing.

Clearly even though people know WHAT to do they are not doing it.

You might need some support, accountability, or more specific advice. Health coaching is often the exact kick in the pants people need to make lasting change.

If that sounds like you, let's get on the phone and get you out of such a dangerous situation.

This free call will just help you figure out if this program is for you or not. If so, we can work together to make a plan on how we'll continue to collaborate.

If not, no stress at all.

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