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Food as Medicine

December 27, 2018

Hippocrates reportedly said, "let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine by thy food."

We don't have audio of him saying this or anything...what with the lack of recording equipment 2500 years ago, so it's hard to verify, but whoever said it was definitely on to something.

Here's an example...

I heard yesterday that ketones have an epigenetic effect SIMILAR TO NSAIDs in terms of reducing inflammation.

What that means is that ketones may be just as effective as ibuprofen at reducing inflammation.

Maybe I'm a nerd, but that's INCREDIBLE! Think about the relief you get from an incessant headache, and we have the power to unleash that through simple dietary changes. It's like we're all Harry Potters before he found out he was a wizard!!!

The point isn't necessarily that we should be consuming ketones or in a constant state of ketosis, though those things may be great for some people, the point is the power of diet.

A lot of overweight folks are walking around with 10, 15, 20 or more pounds of excess water in their bodies because they are constantly inflamed due to diet.

This stinks for a lot of reasons.

Here are a couple off the top of my head

-it feels bad to walk around with 20 excess pounds of anything all day
-inflammation is increasingly associated with all the diseases of Western society (diabetes, heart disease, etc.)

The point isn't necessarily about specific inflammation. The point is the power of food. There are countless examples of people reversing "chronic disease" through lifestyle interventions which center on diet.

The reason I often say that I'm not so interested in how your pants fit in two weeks is because I'm interested in lifelong, sustainable change that promotes optimal experience through optimal health.

Your pants will certainly fit better, but that's not the endpoint, that's an indication that your health is improving in the long term.

It's hard to talk specifically because the set of issues that arise because of poor diet ranges so widely. Everything from acne to life-threatening disease can often be traced back to food and the stress that poor choices can have on us.

People begin a journey toward health with the idea being to lose a few lbs, and time and time again they end up realizing that feeling bad was affecting them at work, as spouses, as parents, and as people.

This problem is urgent and it needs to be solved.

If you think you might be ready to commit to your health for good, schedule a call now. There aren't many spots left, so don't wait.

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