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December 31, 2018

Are you resolving tonight?

Hi everyone! I was up in the great white north with my wife's family for the last week, but I'm back, and thinking of you as we approach this weird time of year health wise.

Most of the talk around New Year's Resolutions ends up being negative.

The association with joining a gym, planning to lose 20 lbs, or run a 5k all have the undercurrent that they won't actually happen.

There's actually some good reason behind that. Derek Sivers gave a great Ted Talk where he revealed that telling people your goals makes you less likely to meet them.

Without too many details something happens in the brain where sharing goals that makes you feel like you already accomplished them...which makes you stop moving forward.

It's a great time to make some new plans, what with the "new beginnings" spirit of a new year and all that. There's nothing wrong with using the turning of a calendar as your new beginning. In fact there's a lot right with it!

But do it right. If you've been trying to lose weight for 25 years, saying the words, "I'm going to lose 15 pounds," isn't going to change a pattern that deeply ingrained.

AND you're setting yourself up to feel bad for not meeting a goal again.

Maybe you're actually ready for a change more impactful than starving yourself until you feel hungry again...then again maybe you're not.

Either way is fine, but if you think you are ready to commit to change, get some help. We can do this together, so let's get on the phone and try to make a resolution to get healthy once and for all.


Happy New Year!!!

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