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Fat Shaming

January 3, 2019

I've read a lot about fat shaming lately, and I'm sure you've seen it too.

Most articles take a strong stand on one side or the other.

"How dare you suggest that my obesity is anything but beautiful?!"

All the way to, "If you're fat, it's your fault and you are just too lazy to make a change."

I haven't read anything that seems to understand the nuance of the situation.

First and foremost, I don't believe anyone should feel bad for having the body they have.

Certainly no one should be shamed for being overweight.

I actually feel stronger than most about this because, not only should no one feel guilt or shame for their body, I don't even think most overweight people are responsible for their situation.

They've been given a bad directive.

The causes of obesity are not sloth, gluttony, or a general lack of willpower.

The causes are a combination of a giant lack of understanding of human biology and a lot of rich people trying to keep us buying their miracle foods that do nothing but add to our waistlines despite our best efforts.

There isn't much money to be made by telling people to go for walks in the woods and eat whole foods (not Whole Foods, by the way) even though that may just be the best solution for many of us.

So in my mind, there are a very small number of people who are fat due to their own shortcomings...and even they don't deserve to feel shame. They just need help.

The flip side is that obesity is no joke in terms of health. The studies and statistics don't lie - if you are overweight your chances of disease, suffering, and even early death are much higher.

That is what my health journey has been is all about.

Not only do you not deserve to feel bad, you deserve a chance at your birthright of being healthy, energetic, and able to enjoy the things that matter in your life.

If your health goals are to run a 5k, run a marathon, deadlift your weight, deadlift 3x your weight, get up a flight of stairs without the railing, or any other noble physical pursuit, more power to you.

But in my mind these should all serve the larger goal of being able to enjoy your life to the fullest.

I have fitness goals, and I do value being lean, but I also know that in the grand scheme of things, I want to be able to enjoy my kids, my grandkids, and my day-to-day life with the smallest chance of chronic pain or disease possible.

That's why I lift weights - not to increase some arbitrary number.

That's why I am discerning with my diet - not so you can see more definition.

That's why I value sleep.

I believe that my lifestyle serves these goals, and I would love to help yours do the same.

Pump the brakes on the manic intensity of the health world, and let's try to set some goals for six years from now, not six weeks.

You deserve better health and less guilt.

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