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What Does Health Look Like

January 5, 2019

One of the most fascinating things about health is the myriad forms that it takes.

Two people can walk by person and have reactions varying from "that is the perfect specimen" (I'm not sure people talk like that, but you get the gist) to "good lord, that's gross."

I'm picturing a muscle bound bodybuilder, but the same could apply to a marathoner, a sumo wrestler, or whatever other shape you choose.

For those of us who are not or have at one time not been healthy, this can be daunting for at least a couple reasons. Namely, "what am I even trying for" or "with all these ways to be successful, I can't achieve any of them."

Health is hard to define and hard to achieve.

My view on this isn't as open as my view about other things actually. I think that when we get our lifestyle in order through eating, sleeping, and exercise we have an ideal body composition that we trend toward.

This isn't effortless, but it isn't torture through starvation either.

I think there is a lean, strong, light, energetic person in all of us waiting to come out through these interventions.

You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't value your health and your longevity. Those are the reasons I care about my health too.

Don't get swept up in a gym membership you'll never use in January, a crash diet that no one could maintain, or a miracle supplement that will melt fat away.

Book a call and let's take the next step toward sustainable health once and for all.

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