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Calories Calories Calories

January 8, 2019

More calories-based nutrition advice.

There was in interesting article on the Science Daily Nutrition News page... ... ...What you're not a subscriber? :-)

The article was about how calorie choices on food menus impact decision making about food.

There's a lot of good information in the article, and I do believe that looking at the calories in your food will impact the choices you make.

What is not discussed in the article is the resulting hunger that comes from eating garbage in small amounts.

If you go get some fettuccine alfredo at the O.G., and the calories are printed there, maybe you decide to get a side portion as your meal rather than a full plate.

More power to you, by the way. A small amount of crap is better than a big amount of crap (not quite as profound as Confucius, but not bad either).

The problem is that you're going to get hungry again...and quickly.

With a nutrient density of zero and very quick burning carbs, your body won't sense that you've taken anything of value in, and you'll just eat some more food as soon as your blood sugar drops.

There is some truth to the caloric theory - if you store more calories than you burn, you'll gain weight, but that's a pretty simplistic, stupid way to think about things.

If you said the same thing about my 3 year old - his shoes are now too small because he's storing more calories than he's burning - people would look at you like you were crazy.

You're sending your genes signals with every single thing you do.

If you eat lousy food, and then you store it all on your butt and thighs where you can't use it for fuel, OF COURSE you're going to be hungry again soon, overeat, and slowly gain weight.

In short, the theory behind calorie counting is good, but the execution is terrible because the calories we eat on the Standard American Diet are terrible.

Thankfully there's a better way. Focussing on nutrient dense foods (that happen to be delicious) you can tell your body a lot of beneficial things like

1. it's time to burn fat, not sugar,
2. let's not eat for a while because my body is nourished,
3. maybe we should move a bit because I have some excess energy available.

The list goes on. You'll sleep better, you'll feel better in your body which can lead to better outcomes at work, with your spouse, with your kids, and much more besides.

The directive for health in our country is really bad. REALLY bad.

Book a call if you're ready for a real change, and be sure to enjoy the first weekend of 2019.

In health,
Sam Poland

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