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Is this advice?

January 10, 2019

Jillian Michaels just slammed the keto diet in an interview.

Apparently she's a big deal in the health field (I had never heard of her, but her thoughts ticked me off, so I thought I'd write about it).

She was calling any of us who have messed around with keto foolish for cutting out essential nutrients, and recommended a well-rounded diet with whole grains, organic when possible, and sensible portion control. She said, "just work out, eat clean, and don't overeat."

This is exactly the type of advice that makes me crazy for a few reasons.

1. How does she know what any individual's keto diet consists of. I happen to stay pretty low carb, and I would guess that I eat more vegetables than any vegetarian I know.
2. She mentioned the evils of animals and animal fat in the article, and, if one is careful about sourcing her livestock, animals are one of the (if not the) best sources of nutrition for the body.
3. What does "well-rounded" mean?
4. "Work out" could be interpreted to mean a million things - many of which promote sugar burning and cravings.
5. What does "eat clean" mean?
6. What does "don't overeat" mean, and what do you do if you've eaten a lot and are still hungry?

Just gleaning from the article, this lady is a "fitness personality" (that phrase cracks me up, by the way...lots of smiles while on the elliptical, I guess) who makes her living spouting advice about how to age gracefully like her.

I don't want to slam her (bad job of that so far), but I do want to slam the health culture that makes it seem like her advice is even followable (let alone good).

She is a middle aged woman whose job it is to be pretty and fit. I'm sure she can dedicate hours every day to perfecting her health through focused exercise, hours of meal prep, and probably a team that gives her massages and keeps her feeling and looking good.

More power to her, by the way. That sounds pretty good to me.

BUT what in the world does her experience have to do with mine or yours. So why would the things that she does to stay healthy work for you and me?

They probably won't.

I have found a set of rules that I abide by that got me to my ideal body composition and keep me there without much effort at all.

All the vague advice about eating in moderation and staying well rounded that leaves you helpless when you're hungry and all there is is frozen pizza available can go out the window. As I mentioned above, there aren't hard-and-fast rules that apply to every person, but a plan that suits you is within reach.

I'm curious about what has and has not worked for any of you.

Weight watchers?
An individual diet plan you came up with?
Personal trainer?

Let's see if we can get a little list going and make some commitments to getting healthy together.

As always, if you'd like any help coming up with an individual plan, sign up for a free 45 minute call using the link below.

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