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Just. Move.

January 24, 2019

In our health crazed culture, headlines promoting very specific cures for what ails us are abundant.

And misleading.

If you follow a fitness blog, search for healthy exercises, or even see a trainer, the prescription is specific and usually difficult.

90 minutes of cardio per day
Resistance training 3x per week
Body weight only to limit injuries
Burn those calories on the elliptical.

All of those things have their place, and for some people they make a huge impact on health and wellbeing.

However, there's a decent chance a lot of you cringed when you read one (and quite possibly all) of those options about exercise.

Who has time for 90 minutes a day? How do I resistance train without injuring myself? How can I keep workouts interesting with just body weight?

The elliptical sucks. No question even necessary on that one.

All legitimate questions.

What if we shifted the way that we thought about exercise and movement?

What if instead of taking time out of your day to go exercise, you brought exercise into your day?

Have a walking meeting. Get down on the floor with your kids. Park far away from the grocery store.

The lame (but more importantly true) statement about exercise is 'the exercise that you'll do and keep doing is the best one.'

For athletes, body builders, elite runners, etc. there is a real need to train specifically. For the rest of us, any type of movement that is sustainable will serve our goals of being generally fit and relatively injury proof while gleaning all the benefits that come from exercise.

In short...move.

Maybe that's a walk to the end of the block, or maybe that's 15,000 steps.

Wherever you're at, let's make it a goal to move.

It'd be interesting to get a thread going in here of the way we are incorporating movement into our days, and if you want some ideas about movement or health in general, book a call below.

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