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My name is Sam Poland, and I am a certified Primal Health Coach. A lifelong athlete, my 20s were spent in frustration as I participated in endurance sports with trying to push back against a slowly increasing readout on the scale. I thought that achy knees, sore IT bands, and an ever increasing appetite for more and more food were natural byproducts of getting a bit older. In 2012 I expressed interest in losing a bit of weight before my wedding. A trainer with whom I had been working mentioned that the paleo diet might be worth exploring, and within a couple months I was hooked. I did lose the weight I was looking to lose (without ever being hungry), but the benefits were much greater than that.

I was not expecting the mental clarity, the newfound joy in food, and the increase in my quality of life that came from the dietary shift I made. Instead of heading out for long runs in dreary, New England weather, I was completing short and intense lifting sessions at the gym and even shorter sprint sessions that left me feeling invigorated and injury proof. I felt lean, strong, and like an athlete again. 

After seeing my success, people asked what I was doing, and I had some of the best conversations of my life in sharing what I had learned. The natural next step was to become a certified Health Coach and make these conversations a more central part of my life.
I have spent the last dozen years as a middle and high school math teacher, and I have a Master's Degree in education, and the teaching part of health coaching is informed by my background in the classroom. 

I live in Framingham, Massachusetts with my wife, my 3 year old son, and my 1 year old daughter.
As a coach, I have found that goals and stories are as individual as fingerprints. However you want to improve, from losing weight to fighting day to day soreness to reaching new personal bests in the gym, Sam's Whole Health can help you meet these goals while increasing energy and vitality. Get in touch, and let me help you to live Whole.